Criminal Records Search

We go directly into County, State and Federal Court records to search for "real time" felony and misdemeanor convictions on your future hire.

Federal Criminal, State Specific, District Court Records Search

A search focused specifically on violations of federal law, such as kidnapping, drug trafficking, and interstate transport of stolen goods.

County and Statewide Criminal Records Search

A search covering any criminal violations handled at the state or county level, including all misdemeanor and felony violations that do not fall under federal jurisdiction.

International Criminal Search

A search covering criminal violations committed outside of the United States.  Each country and jurisdiction within the same country disseminate information differently.  The turnaround time can be very lengthy. 

Alias Search

Any search, criminal or civil using a name other than the name given (i.e. maiden name, nickname, etc.)

Colorado Bureau of Investigations (CBI)

A search for Most Wanted criminal on the International Police Organization or INTERPOL, is an intergovernmental organization facilitating international police cooperation.

Nationwide Criminal Database Search

A sweeping search of over 300 million public record sources to uncover criminal activity that has occurred outside of the areas indicated by the SSN/Address Trace. (This can be particularly valuable if an individual committed a crime somewhere other than their state or county of residence.) Note: this search cannot be used as a stand-alone search as each state and county court reports into this database at their own discretion using their individual dissemination practices.

State Department of Corrections Search (DOC)

A search to confirm whether or not the applicant has ever been incarcerated, placed on probation, or on parole in the criminal justice system.

Sex Offender Registry Search

A search focused on determining if the individual is registered on the state or national sex offender registries. By law, all states must report into the National Sex Offender Registry. The registry only allows the public access to Level 3 offender information. Level 3 sex offenders pose the highest risk to reoffend, most have committed more than one crime and have exhibited predatory characteristics.

Interpol Most Wanted Search

A search of the CBI for criminal activity. This is not a good stand alone search to use.  Much of the information found in the CBI is arrest records which, under law, cannot be used against an individual when making a hiring decision.

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