How to Steal a Social Security Number for Just $16.00

Okay, so let’s start off with an important disclaimer here, NationSearch doesn’t advocate the theft of social security numbers. It’s no secret, however: that in this age of big data and the Internet of Things, its super easy for criminals to obtain SSNs. What’s more, these numbers can be bought and sold so that people can work illegally, leaving employers vulnerable and at the mercy of ill-gotten identifiers.

Kids SSN's are especially attractive to thieves...

Unfortunately, kids tend to be the most likely to have their identities stolen. In an article posted in Digital Journal by George McGinn back in 2014, he reports that "children are 51 times more likely to be victims of identity theft than adults."

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The Secret to Building Proper Background Check Policies & Procedures

Any background screening company (see also Consumer Reporting Agency, or CRA) worth their salt has quality assurance measures in place to protect their clients. Perhaps the most important rule in the background screening biz: once employers see the report, it can’t be unseen.

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EVerify Update: NationSearch Offers Automated and Easy-to-Use I-9 Process

Most companies are required to perform I-9 verifications on new hires. When companies take these verifications on as an internal procedure, the process itself often requires additional resources and can pose extra risk to the company. Time spent entering information and employee training for proper handling of sensitive information are just two examples of what these verifications entail.

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