The True Cost of a Bad Hire is More Than You Think

Background Screening is invaluable to your business!

58% of applicants lie on their resume!

Criminal, drug, compliance and personal identity verifications reveal far more than a resume ever will.  You can hire better and faster.

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Proven Screening Process

Our seamless process reduces stress and confusion by delivering accurate, FCRA compliant employee background checks to protect your company.

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Personalized Service

From small businesses to major institutions, we pick up the phone and work one-on-one with companies in diverse industries to meet specific screening needs.

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Quick Results

With 30 years of experience and a 95% client retention rate, we provided detailed screening results in record time so you can make informed decisions faster.

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Partnering with NationSearch

For more than 30 years, NationSearch has partnered with companies throughout the U.S. to deliver quality, comprehensive pre-employment background screening services.  Our Colorado-based team is dedicated to building long-term client relationships based on mutual trust and respect.  From employment background checks to extended workforce screenings and electronic Form I-9 solutions, you can expect quick and thorough results to help you hire better and faster.

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Financial Risk Mitigation

With a valuable acquisition hanging in the balance, one mortgage company's background screening process is tested to the limit.  See how employee screening services from NationSearch helped avoid potentially major financial risk.

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Attention Financial Services

Questions about Background Screening?

Background Screening FAQ Ebook

Many companies have questions about pre-employment background screening processes and services.  Of course, we're happy to answer any questions personally if you want to contact us. Or, you can download this essential guide to get answers to key questions commonly asked about background screening screening services, like:  

  • Where do background screening companies get their information?
  • How much do background checks cost?
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