Transportation/Vehicle Sales (including Car, Truck, RV, Bus, Cargo, and Logistics)

From driving a local bus route to pulling freight across the country, the nation’s logistics and transportation employees are a lifeline connecting millions of people to their homes, their livelihoods, and the rest of their lives. At the same time, the individuals who drive, maintain, or coordinate the vehicles and related equipment we all rely on are, quite literally, holding millions of lives in their hands every day.

Likewise, hundreds of thousands of vehicles are purchased by consumers every year. Every purchase is preceded by at least one test drive (traveling in an unfamiliar vehicle with a stranger for an indeterminate amount of time.) For obvious reasons, dealerships and used car lots have every reason to protect their customers and themselves by screening their sales staff prior to hiring.

We’ve been able to assist numerous transportation industry companies review the backgrounds of prospective employees to confirm their driving records, criminal history, credit history, and any connection to government watch lists or databases, all in an effort to ensure unsuspecting passengers and passersby aren’t placed in unnecessary danger. Our pre-employment screening services have helped many companies in these transportation industries.

Read our latest case study, “Dealership Avoids Hiring Sexual Predator,” about how a dealership narrowly missed hiring a dangerous individual.

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