1. State-Run Child Care Systems that Failed the Children

    It’s never acceptable for people to be put in danger or suffer due to laziness or corner-cutting. When the victims are children, the situation becomes all the more heinous. While we normally like to highlight case studies of our clients who have been able to benefit from quality, custom background…Read More

  2. Domestic Violence Act

    Issue: A car dealership was interviewing for a position, and wanted to run background screenings on the applicants, as a precautionary, and preventative measure.  A conviction of domestic violence was uncovered. The Action Taken by NationSearch NationSearch was contacted to do the background sear…Read More

  3. How Background Investigations Facilitated a Mortgage Company Merger

    Between high profile data breaches, the ongoing plague of identification theft, and just old fashioned lying, cheating, and stealing, it seems like big financial services companies are in the news as much for what they do wrong as they are for what they do right. This isn’t necessarily right or ev…Read More

  4. A Case of Multiple Personalities

    An established, Colorado-based staffing company contacted NationSearch just last month. At first, this staffing agency approached NationSearch for help deciphering an applicant’s results that were returned on a standard report run by another background screening company. Up to this point, the agen…Read More

  5. Felony Vehicle Theft – A Case Study

    A Global Industry Leader in manufacturing and distribution of aftermarket vehicle parts and accessories was hiring for a sales position. Obviously, this is a key position, and integral to the company’s success. Sales people and customer service representatives are front line with the company’s…Read More