1. The Marijuana Industry Needs Background Screening Too

    With over 122,000 full-time positions supported in 29 states — and more being added every day — the need for consistent, high-quality background screening is obvious in the burgeoning medical and recreational marijuana industry. Unlike many other more established (and less controversial) indus…Read More

  2. Part Two: Watching Over What Matters Most

    Thank you for joining me again in this web series where we focus on discovering more about the protection of children from predators in our rapidly evolving technological age. We continue our discussion today with Patrick Redling, Unit Chief of Child Exploitation Investigations from the ICE-HIS Cybe…Read More

  3. Part One: Watching Over What Matters Most

    At NationSearch Background Screening, safety is our number one concern. In our world of expanding technology, security is more important than ever and has a dramatic impact on our lives. Today, we take a minute to thank our government agents who must keep up with our rapidly changing technological w…Read More

  4. Set Up for Success in the New Year

    The beginning of the year is a marvelous time to set up your business’ projections for the year ahead. Here at NationSearch our goals revolve around bringing quality products and services to both new and long-standing clients, deepening our relationship with the community, and making the workplace…Read More

  5. Long on Threats, Short on Talent

    Recent news about international cybergangs and government-sponsored cyberattacks certainly raised awareness about cybersecurity and the dangers that today’s network-connected world pose to business and personal data. However, threats to companies are not relegated to international syndicates, and …Read More

  6. Screen Team Crosses the Finish Line!

    Two of our criminal researchers, Erica and Adrielle, have laced up their running shoes entering the realm of health and fun seekers by running their first 5k. Erica’s New Year’s resolution was to get healthy and fit and have fun at the same time. The 5k’s came to mind and she resolved to parti…Read More