1. Hire the Right People with These Simple Tips

    If you’re hoping to grow your small business or keep your larger business chugging along at the proper pace, then hiring the right employees is an essential part of that equation. Finding people that fit in with your core values and have a a great work ethic can be tricky at times, though. The goo…Read More

  2. Avoiding Bias Throughout the Hiring Process

    As a business owner or hiring manager, one of the most important aspects of your job when bringing new employees into the fold is to avoid bias at all times. Not only is it ethically wrong to show bias against a certain group or a particular person, doing so can put you in some legal hot water. This…Read More

  3. Employment Projections in Key Industries

    While unemployment has been dropping steadily over the past several years, millions of Americans are still concerned over the future outlook of certain industries and positions. Many of them wonder if they should stay on course with their current career goals, or perhaps deviate a bit from their pla…Read More

  4. 6 Ways for Job Hunters to Set Themselves Up for Success

    Job hunting is serious business, but the unfortunate truth is that many people set themselves up for failure right from the get-go. Whether it’s due to the amount of competition they’re up against, insecurity of their own skills and abilities, or another reason, they lack the overall confidence …Read More

  5. Important Tips When Job Seeking with a Disability

    Having a disability should never hold you back from achieving your goals, but attempting to find gainful employment can sometimes pose unique challenges. There are laws against discrimination, of course, but those laws provide very little comfort to disabled job seekers who are hitting the pavement …Read More

  6. How to Land a New Job After Being Fired (part 2 of 2)

    It’s no fun to be fired from a job. In addition to the financial constraint caused by the loss of salary, being released from employment can cause a high level of undue stress and self-doubt. Whether you intentionally broke a company policy or simply failed to perform certain duties, the hardest p…Read More

  7. How to Land a New Job After Being Fired (part 1 of 2)

    Being fired from a job is simply a fact of life. Millions of people have been fired over the years, and it absolutely doesn't mean that he or she is a bad worker or someone who can't be trusted. There are often extenuating circumstances that lead to the firing. In many cases, it simply boils down to…Read More

  8. Want a Better Position in 2018? Here’s How to Succeed!

    Every year, millions of workers say to themselves, “This is the year when I get a new job.” It’s certainly a commendable resolution to make, but it’s one that’s also difficult to follow through on. After all, transitioning to a new place of employment can be time-consuming, stressful, and …Read More

  9. Hiring Seasonal Summer Employees: What You Need to Know

    With kids out of school and families going on vacation, businesses like yours are excited about the uptick in foot traffic and online purchases that so many companies enjoy during the summer months. This increase in business means more money in your pockets and more exposure for your company, but it…Read More

  10. A Simple 3-Step Process to Hire Better Employees

    Businesses make many decisions on any given day, but possibly the most important of these is deciding which employees to hire that will bring success to the company. Whether you’re building your first workforce, replacing a former employee, or expanding your business with an additional position, y…Read More

  11. Hiring Process Collecting Dust? Let’s Fix That!

    There’s a good chance that your company’s hiring process has been utilized more times than you can count. Or perhaps it’s rare for you to hire a new employee, so you go months without getting any practice. In either case, it’s possible that your hiring process has grown a little stale. Don…Read More

  12. 5 Desirable Qualities to Highlight During an Interview

    If you’ve ever been through the interview process at a company (and something tells us that you have), you surely recognize the fact that it’s often a tough thing to handle. There are times that it can feel as if your life is on the line. Though that’s not the case, an important job can change…Read More