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    New Year’s Resolution: Explore New Background Screening Options

    2019 is finally here, and that means millions of people will be making resolutions to last throughout the entire year. While resolutions are often considered to be goals that affect a person’s individual actions, every business owner or hiring manager should also join in on the fun. As everyone is…Read More

  2. The Marijuana Industry Needs Background Screening Too

    With over 122,000 full-time positions supported in 29 states — and more being added every day — the need for consistent, high-quality background screening is obvious in the burgeoning medical and recreational marijuana industry. Unlike many other more established (and less controversial) indus…Read More

  3. Faulty Background Check Procedures Continue to Spark FCRA Lawsuits

    A rash of claims are continuing to pile up against employers who have violated the regulations outlined in the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). FCRA laws must be followed to the letter when using background screening reports for employment purposes (and especially when obtained through …Read More

  4. How to Choose the Right Certified Background Check Company

    As a Human Resources Coordinator who’s already evaluated your company’s needs, reviewed the budget, and sought out a number of quotes and proposals, you’re faced with a decision: Which background screening company will you choose to move ahead with your hiring process? We realize you don’t…Read More

  5. Building Proper Background Check Policies and Procedures

    Any background screening companies (see also Consumer Reporting Agency, or CRA) worth their salt will have quality assurance measures in place to protect their clients. Perhaps the most important rule in the background screening industry is: once employers see the report, it can’t be unseen. W…Read More

  6. FAQ Series: Pre-Adverse and Adverse Action Notifications

    When and why are Pre-Adverse and Adverse Action Letters appropriate to use? Pre-Adverse Action and Adverse Action Notifications are the result of negative information being found on a pre-employment background screening or a pre-employment credit check. The FCRA requires that in the event of negativ…Read More

  7. Hire the Right People with These Simple Tips

    If you’re hoping to grow your small business or keep your larger business chugging along at the proper pace, then hiring the right employees is an essential part of that equation. Finding people that fit in with your core values and have a a great work ethic can be tricky at times, though. The goo…Read More

  8. A Simple 3-Step Process to Hire Better Employees

    Businesses make many decisions on any given day, but possibly the most important of these is deciding which employees to hire that will bring success to the company. Whether you’re building your first workforce, replacing a former employee, or expanding your business with an additional position, y…Read More

  9. The 3 Major Outcomes of EEOC Pre-Employment Screening Violations

    Liability abounds in the background screening industry — with plenty of grey areas, pitfalls, and consequences awaiting those companies unlucky enough to be unprepared when the time comes. Both Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs) and their clients are vulnerable to scrutiny. Case in point: as det…Read More

  10. Hiring Process Collecting Dust? Let’s Fix That!

    There’s a good chance that your company’s hiring process has been utilized more times than you can count. Or perhaps it’s rare for you to hire a new employee, so you go months without getting any practice. In either case, it’s possible that your hiring process has grown a little stale. Don…Read More

  11. 5 Desirable Qualities to Highlight During an Interview

    If you’ve ever been through the interview process at a company (and something tells us that you have), you surely recognize the fact that it’s often a tough thing to handle. There are times that it can feel as if your life is on the line. Though that’s not the case, an important job can change…Read More