1. Small Businesses Need Background Checks, Too

    It has become regular practice for large corporations to conduct background checks on anyone being hired for a position in their company. The same is mostly true for medium-sized businesses, though some of them make the mistake of skipping this important part of the hiring process from time to time.…Read More

  2. Not Taking Drugs But Failed a Drug Test? What You Should Avoid!

    Modern drug tests are quite accurate and effective, but nothing is 100%. The truth is, several substances can result in a positive test for drug use when you haven’t exposed yourself to drugs at all. This is what’s known as a “false positive.” It is common for hiring managers to utilize back…Read More

  3. Hire the Right People with These Simple Tips

    If you’re hoping to grow your small business or keep your larger business chugging along at the proper pace, then hiring the right employees is an essential part of that equation. Finding people that fit in with your core values and have a a great work ethic can be tricky at times, though. The goo…Read More

  4. 5 TV Characters Who Would Never Pass a Background Check

    Background checks keep your employees and clients safe, which makes screening an essential part of doing business. You can verify education and employment, run criminal records, and check for past drug problems to ensure that you know exactly the type of person you’re hiring for any given position…Read More

  5. What Is “Ban the Box”… and How Does Colorado Feel About It?

    f you’ve been paying attention to the news lately - and maybe even if you haven’t - there’s a good chance you’ve heard of something called “Ban the Box.” This is directly related to what NationSearch does for many of its clients, so we thought it would be a good topic to discuss. What Is…Read More

  6. 6 Ways for Job Hunters to Set Themselves Up for Success

    Job hunting is serious business, but the unfortunate truth is that many people set themselves up for failure right from the get-go. Whether it’s due to the amount of competition they’re up against, insecurity of their own skills and abilities, or another reason, they lack the overall confidence …Read More

  7. The 411 on Running a Background Check on a Current Employee

    When you hire a new employee, the responsible thing to do is to run a series of background checks on him or her. This will clue you into any past indiscretions that may endanger your business and employees, and will enable you to check the accuracy of information that a potential employee has provid…Read More

  8. Benefits Your Company Can Expect from Background Screening

    Hiring any person, no matter their background or experience, is a risky venture for your business. Time and time again, we hear about situations where the wrong type of employee has been hired by a company and it ends badly. You're never going to stop all of the bad eggs from sneaking in, but what y…Read More

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  10. Hiring Seasonal Summer Employees: What You Need to Know

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  11. Here’s What Happens When Companies Don’t Drug Test

    The abuse of illegal drugs, prescription medication, and recreational substances (such as alcohol) has become an epidemic that is sweeping across this country. It’s destroying the lives of addicts and their families regardless of social status, race, or financial situation, and there isn’t an ea…Read More