Find and Hire The Right People

Placing employees and finding the best fit is one of the most important aspects of a staffing agency, which makes it integral to find and hire the right people. A great start is to begin with screening services from NationSearch! 

Stay on Budget

Running background check after background check can get expensive and eat into your limited budget. Find relief in an affordable option from NationSearch that allows you to choose from a variety of screening packages, helping you stay on budget.

Get Results, Faster

If you’re hiring, it’s likely because you are growing and need to hire new people or you need to fill a position — either scenario you need someone now! Time is money, and the faster you can fill the position, the more set up for success your company is. 

At NationSearch, we deliver fast turnaround times on all of our screening services so you can offer the position to the applicant, sooner.  

Create Customized Screening Packages

As a staffing agency, you serve a variety of industries, so you may need a more tailored approach to your screenings. Collaborate with us to customize a variety of screening services that fit within what each industry needs. 

Get Real-Time Information

It’s important to have accurate, real-time information of a person before they’re hired. Get real-time information that can guide you in placing the best people. 

Enhance Your Hiring Process

Finding qualified candidates that you can trust is complex, especially in a high-volume applicant pool of a staffing agency. Streamline your process with the leading screening packages and customer support from NationSearch. 

A NationSearch background screening revealed a potential employee was hiding a violent past in our case study, “Payroll and HR Services Company Discovers Violent Criminal History of Potential Employee.”

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