1. See the Difference, Rescreen.

    Every Day We See the Difference Throughout the year, NationSearch gets requests from clients to rescreen employees for a variety of different reasons. Along with these requests come questions about how the rescreening process works: How do I initiate rescreening? When should I rescreen? What are som…Read More

  2. Increasing NS Cyber Security

    Reducing Risk for Everyone NationSearch is always on the lookout for the very best, cutting-edge technology on the market. In order to increase our efficiency, security and, most importantly, our client’s satisfaction with our services, NationSearch seeks to be an advanced presence in the backgrou…Read More

  3. Screening That Exceeds Expectation

    Welcome to NationSearch Easy, timely, quality screening with integrity. Our high standards of care, competency, effectiveness and customer service are reflective of the energy and quality the team at NationSearch brings to each of our clients. We continually visualize ourselves in our customers' sho…Read More

  4. Convicted Felons – Sex Offender Search

    The Issue: A Car Dealership was interested in hiring an applicant for a sales position. In the process of doing their due diligence, with regards to maintaining a safe workplace environment for their employees, NationSearch.com was engaged to do an employee pre-screening on the applicant. The Action…Read More

  5. Convicted Felon – Criminal Background Investigation

    Convicted Felon, A Case Study - Felony Theft and Habitual Traffic Offender Convictions The Issue: A Truck Dealership received an application for a sales position. In order to take steps to provide a safe work environment for their employees, NationSearch was engaged to do a felony background check…Read More

  6. Reckless Endangerment – A Case Study

    Convictions: County Misdemeanor Conviction of Reckless Endangerment of a Child, and Felony Conviction for 2nd degree Burglary and Felony Conviction for Distribution of Imitation Controlled Substance. The Issue: A well known Remodeling company received a few applications for job openings. NationSearc…Read More

  7. Use Our Applicant Tracking System FOR FREE!

    Organization and accuracy are key in successful employment, and now you can keep track of it all for free! As an active client of NationSearch, our user-friendly, functional, and effective Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is free of charge. Our system allows you to create and maintain a central datab…Read More

  8. NationSearch Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

    NationSearch Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Q: Why should I use an ATS? A: Organize, simplify and streamline your hiring process. Eliminate excess paperwork, filing and data entry. Q: What if I am already using an ATS? A: NationSearch has the capability of integrating with a multitude of systems. Q…Read More