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Every Industry Can Benefit, But We’re Highlighting Five In Particular

No matter what industry your business is in, it’s important that you hire the right people. The success of your business depends on it; so does the safety of your workplace. Identity verification services can help you by:

  • Presenting you with accurate information about a job candidate’s real identity
  • Indicating whether an applicant has a violent history or criminal past
  • Raising important red flags that this individual may have engaged in identity theft
  • Protecting your business from sabotage from a new hire with ulterior motives
  • Keeping your employees and customers safe

All of these are important in any industry, but here we want to highlight five sectors in particular, illustrating how identity verification can prevent employers from making costly mistakes.

Banking And Finances

The banking and finance-related industries deal in astronomical sums of money. Consumers entrust banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions with their life savings. It is paramount that these institutions protect those funds; they represent the means for their customers to pay for college, buy a home, start a small business, enjoy retirement, or simply have enough on hand for month-to-month expenses.

Individuals hired to work in the financial sectors must be trustworthy. Background screening services, including identity verification, will reveal which job candidates are who they say they are, and which ones are lying about their identity. Someone who is lying may intend to cheat banking customers out of their money or steal from the bank directly. To avoid problems, be sure to verify a job candidate’s identity before extending an offer and risking financial loss.


Countless companies need to hire reliable individuals to operate and drive a wide range of vehicles. These vehicles include delivery vans, cross-country trucks, trains, bus shuttles, boats, ferries, planes, helicopters, and more. These drivers must possess certain qualities to do the job right. They need to be able to safely operate the vehicle they’re conducting in all types of weather. They are responsible for the safe transport of passengers and cargo alike. For these reasons, it’s especially important to hire individuals who are drug-free and can stay calm under stress, and who have received the right type of training.

If you end up hiring drivers who misrepresent themselves, you may inadvertently end up with drivers who have abused drugs or alcohol and are at a high risk of abusing again. While drug testing is very important in the transportation industry, identity verifications are crucial, too. Verifying someone’s identity before hiring them to transport your passengers or goods is, without a doubt, in your best interests.

Medical Jobs

Doctors, nurses, therapists, and other professionals have important responsibilities to the communities they serve. For the health and wellness of the patients they directly work with, these medical workers and specialists need to have extensive knowledge gathered from years of study and experience. They need to have ongoing training to keep up with the newest best practices in their fields.

If someone engages in identity theft and pretends to be a medical professional, large segments of the population can be endangered. With any medical job, don’t take risks; make sure your human resources group includes identity verification as part of the hiring process.

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Teaching And Caregiving

Professions where adults are in a position of trust with children require a tremendous degree of hiring diligence. Any teachers or caregivers working directly with children must not have a criminal background. They must have the right training and temperament to be able to work with young people. Running a check to verify identity is imperative in order to protect every young person that the individual who is hired will come into contact with. Whether it’s a school, a daycare center, or an after-school enrichment program, each person working with kids must be checked out thoroughly.

Assisted Living And Senior Care

Another vulnerable segment of the population consists of seniors. The vast majority of people working at assisted living communities or providing in-home care to seniors are compassionate, skilled, professional, and reliable. However, there are a few exceptions in this industry, just as there are in any sector. To avoid hiring someone who may harm the person they’re supposed to care for, conduct a thorough background check, including identity verification.

Turn To NationSearch For All Your Identity Verification Needs

We’ve given you a good idea of why it’s important to hire people who really are who they say they are, particularly in five especially sensitive industries. As you can imagine, there are many other industries that depend on employees and key staff members being who they say they are and possessing the credentials they claim to have. In our opinion, every industry needs this! That’s why identity verification is such an important service.

To learn how we can assist with all of your background screening needs, get in touch with NationSearch today!