Identity and Personal

In a world where identity theft is rampant, you need to know that your new hire is who they say they are.

Social Security Number/Address History Trace

Pulls vital information linked to the individual’s SSN from the Credit Bureaus, such as name, alias, birth date and current and past address information, to be used to determine what additional names  to search for and where to look when conducting a criminal record search.

Federal and Civil Search

A search of the court systems for civil actions, at the Federal or County court levels.

Federal Bankruptcy Search

A search of the Federal Courts for a Bankruptcy filing/litigation.

Motor Vehicle Driving Record (MVR)

For any position that requires the employee to drive as a condition of employment, it can be a valuable protection to ensure you know their full driving history before bringing them on. Additionally, information gleaned from the motor vehicle record can provide a glimpse into the applicant's character and behaviors, such as DUI, road rage, careless driving, etc.

Workers Compensation Search

A search of the Workers’ Compensation database will reveal if an applicant has filed a claim for workers’ compensation in the state where the search is conducted. A workers’ compensation search is conducted post hire.


A search of the Federal Housing Finance Agency for any violations/exclusions against an individual.

Consent Based Social Verification (CBSV)

A search of the Social Security Administration (SSA) database to confirm that the information (name, address, date of birth, etc.) obtained from an applicant matches the information held in SSA records. Note: This is not a verification of identity, citizenship or employment eligibility.

Credit Check

We offer quick and accurate FCRA compliant pre-employment and employment credit checks. This search requires a simple credentialing process, which we are happy to facilitate.

Liens and Judgments

A search for a judgment lien that may have been made against an individual or business which allows the creditor to access the debtor's business, personal property and real estate, among other assets, to pay the judgment.

Government Databases and Watchlists (Vigilant)

A search of vast databases maintained by a host of government agencies (including the ICE, DEA, FBI, OFAC, US Marshall’s Office, Federal Reserve, US HUD, Dept. of Treasury, Dept. of State, Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, just to name a few) in order to  uncover sanctions, debarments and wanted persons. These agencies identify individuals who are prohibited from certain activities or industries.


A search of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation for any violations/exclusions against an individual.

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