As one of the top background check companies in the United States, NationSearch prides itself on the exemplary job that our researchers do every day to help protect companies and their employees, customers, and anyone else connected to the business. Over the years, we have conducted thousands of criminal records searches, employment verifications, drug tests, education verifications, drug abuse histories, and much more.

Most of the time, these pre-employment screenings show that the candidate has nothing to hide and is a good choice for the company. Sometimes, however, our background screening services turn up information that the applicant has tried to hide. Our background checks have also exposed job applicants who have lied about their credentials, experience, and education.

A Few Examples Of How We’ve Helped Employers Overhead view of a group of people.

We often get asked about some of our more eventful searches that have helped various businesses discover something about a potential employee that could have placed either the company or people connected to it in jeopardy. While it would be impossible to cover all of them, we thought that it would be beneficial to share a few of the instances where we caught something in our searches that helped a particular company stay safe.

Experience #1: Transportation Company

The Stakes

An applicant attempted to land a position at a transportation company where he would be interacting with the general public and co-workers on a regular basis. The position called for a level head and good customer service skills, among other attributes, in order to carry out the expected responsibilities.

What We Caught

When we ran this person’s criminal background check, we discovered that he had convictions in both Nevada and North Carolina. In Nevada, he had been convicted of felony domestic battery by strangulation, where he was sentenced to jail with credit for time served. In North Carolina, he had a second-degree felony kidnapping on his record, in addition to two misdemeanors: assault on a female and a protective order violation. The felony did not have sentencing listed, but for the misdemeanors, he was sentenced to a minimum of 30 days and 2 days in jail, respectively. Given that these convictions were of such a violent nature, the transportation company denied employment to the applicant.

Experience #2: Car Dealership

The Stakes

A person applied for a position at a popular car dealership in Colorado, where he would be engaging with the public on a regular basis. This position necessitated exemplary customer service skills, in addition to a calm, reasonable demeanor to ensure that customers would feel at ease while at the dealership.

What We Caught

This person’s criminal background check ended up being a perfect example of why companies should broaden their search scope whenever possible. We initially limited our search to Colorado, as requested by the client, and found multiple traffic cases, including DUIs and careless driving charges. Given what we had already found, we prompted the client to conduct a more thorough search, which they agreed to. Once we broadened our scope, we discovered that the applicant was listed on the National Sex Offender Registry in the state of Mississippi for a case that had occurred in Colorado. Had we not run a more thorough criminal background search, the car dealership might have employed a registered sex offender without knowing it. Luckily, that did not happen, and he was denied employment.

Experience #3: Bridge Building Company

The Stakes

An applicant applied for a job with a bridge building company, where he would interact with various personnel and the general public each day. The position called for a responsible individual who would be able to have a positive attitude and represent the company in a good light.

What We Caught

This search was an interesting one because it initially returned no results due to a mistake on the applicant’s form submission. When we first ran the search, we had been provided with the incorrect date of birth for the applicant, so all the searches we conducted came back clear. Upon auditing the search, however, we discovered the mistake. This time, we found cases in Texas and Colorado. In Texas, the person had been sentenced to 10 months of jail for each of two felonies: unauthorized use of a vehicle and burglary of a building. In Colorado, he had a misdemeanor Driving Under Restraint charge on his record. The kicker: he also had an active warrant. Needless to say, he was denied employment.

Protect Your Business

These are only a select few of the thousands of successful background checks that we have completed over the years. Our team can share more success stories with you, revealing how valuable our background screening services are to employers. 

Needless to say, you don’t want to put your current employees, customers, clients, colleagues, business associates, or the general public in danger. If you would like to learn how NationSearch can keep your business safe and sound through our comprehensive pre-employment screening services, reach out to our experts today.