Flexible Employment Screening Packages

At NationSearch, we offer a variety of screening packages that serve both small businesses and high-volume hiring corporations. Choose from our entry, experienced, professional, and executive level screening packages.  

Competitive Prices

We’ve compiled a myriad of competitively priced screening packages that fit with the volume of hiring applicants you receive. We can also customize packages to target searches that are more industry-specific. For example, environment control is focused more on employment and education verification. 

Hire More Quickly

Our screening services allow you to hire more quickly because of our rapid turnaround time results. Once your applicant fills out the proper forms, we get right to work. 

Feel Confident in Who You Hire

Trust and confidence in your employees matters greatly! And, more than ever, it’s crucial to get a bigger picture of who you’re hiring. Not only are criminal background checks important, but in environmental control, we can verify any licenses they have in addition to any real-time convictions they may have. 

Unmatched Customer Care

It’s important that you’re able to access all of your screenings promptly. If you run into any issues or have any pressing questions, we’re here to support you. 

Easy-To-Use Technology

We’ve created a client portal that you can log into and access all of your screening information, in one easy place. Find what you need, effortlessly!