Workplace Violence Statistics

Written by NationSearch Information on March 5, 2015

Workplace Violence Statistics can be very revealing.

DHHS Workplace Violence Training Research Library
Of all violent crimes reported in the U.S. from 1993 to 1999 18% occured in the workplace. Of these crimes 900 were homicides, 36,500 sexual assaults, and 1.3 million lesser assaults.

  • workplace violence statisticsHomicide is the second leading cause of death in the workplace in the U.S., and the number one cause of death in the workplace for females.
  • 25% of workers surveyed in 1993 reported some type of physical attacks, harassment, or threats of violence in their workplace within the last year.
  • The following sources of workplace violence have been identified: 55% due to work/personality conflicts, 36% due to family or marital problems, and 24% due to work-related stress.
  • You have a 60% chance of being personally involved in workplace violence at some time, as reported by a survey in N.C. in 1999.
  • About 20 Americans are murdered each week while at work.
  • Every week, 18,000 American workers are assaulted.


  • The following describes who is commiting the acts of violence in the workplace:
    • 80% are males
    • 3% are former employees
    • 20% are current employees
    • Over 66% are strangers (including customers, clients).


  • American business and government offices spend over $36 billion per year on costs related to workplace violence including medical and psychiatric care, lost productivity, repairs, insurance rate increases, and security costs.

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