The answer to this question is fairly obvious. However, lets delve into this question a little further. There are so many reasons. A criminal background check is a great tool for you to use in keeping you, your family and your company safe.  cop_handcuffing_someoneremoved5

Crime rates are on the rise, and people want to feel safe….safe at home and safe at work. Additionally, we all want to feel that we’ve done everything in our power to protect our family, children, friends, animals, home and business. Common reasons for criminal background check might be: potential new business partner, nanny, teacher, coach, neighbor, new vendor, day-care provider…..the list goes on. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t right. Arming yourself with information is priceless.

A large number of background checks are performed at the request of employers, in an attempt to do their part as responsible business people, to keep the workplace safe. They have a duty to know who is sitting at a desk in their midst, and what potential danger they are placing their other employees, and the company in.

There are many on-line searches that you can perform yourself…some of them are even free of charge. I must caution you to be careful. In many of these instances where you perform the search yourself, you are wasting your money. Unless you are an “informed” individual, in the realm of the background screening industry, you very well may be lulled into a false sense of security, regarding the individual you are screening.

There are huge databases involved in conducting a background search. When you make the decision to conduct the background search yourself, you are relying on these databases to be accurate, obviously. A little secret….the reporting requirements differ in each state and county. In most states, there are no requirements or guidelines as to when, or if the courts are required to report to a central state database….never mind to a national database. Therefore, these “instant database” searches are hit and miss. You have no idea what information is missing.

Your best bet is to go to a reputable Background Screening Company, and request that they do the search for you. Most background screenings are very reasonably priced. A Background Screening Company will conduct the screening at the county, state, and national level, using the persons SSN and/or birth date. In other words, they will do a “hands on” search by going direct to the individual courts rather than relying on an unreliable database. The additional payout will be well worth the peace of mind.

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