When it’s time to hire a new employee for your company, your first inclination is probably to rush out and fill the position as fast as is humanly possible. After all, the more time you take to hire someone, the harder other employees are being forced to work, not to mention the money you could be losing as well.

However, rushing to find a new employee (or multiple ones) in a short period of time can be a huge mistake. Yes, you should begin the process of finding applicants right away, but hiring slowly is typically better for business. Here’s why:

Job Seekers May Not Find Your Ad Right Away

When you post a job opening on an online site such as Craigslist or Indeed, you’re likely to receive responses almost immediately. However, even the most tenacious job seekers may miss your ad when you initially post it. Plus, some people who apply may already have a job, which means they might not be searching online every single day. Both scenarios could cause you to miss out on the perfect employee if you hire someone from the first batch of applicants.

Rushing May Cause You to Skip Certain Details

It is a simple truth of life that when you’re in a rush to do something, small details can be missed here and there. While these details may not initially seem like a big deal, they can become critical over time. When you don’t take the time to get to know the person you’re hiring just a little, you may miss a character flaw or detail about their past that would make them incompatible with your business in the long run. You want to make sure that you focus on every detail that will be important when it comes to choosing the best person for the job.

Background Checks Should Be Thorough

Whenever you’re considering a certain person for the position you’re looking to fill, you should run a series of background checks to ensure that your current employees and the business itself is kept safe and secure. Background checks can include everything from employment history and education verification to criminal records and drug testing. These things typically don’t take a lot of time, but you definitely need to fit them in before hiring someone.

A Second Interview Is Often a Good Idea

Depending on the position you’re attempting to hire for, you may want to conduct a second interview so that you can concentrate on specific pieces of information, discuss any verification that’s already been done, or simply double-check that the applicant’s personality fits the company. A second interview will often be more focused since both your hiring manager and the applicant already know that you’re interested in that particular person.

More Skills Typically Mean More Scrutiny

If the role you’re planning to fill requires certain skills, especially ones of a technical nature, then you’ll likely need more time to find the right person. In these situations, you will want to scrutinize the applicant’s work history and knowledge more thoroughly to ensure that they have the skills required for the position. This could come down to having samples of his or her work being submitted, or getting a second or even a third person involved to look over the applicant’s info and provide you with their own opinion.

Hiring an employee can be an arduous process, and it’s important that you take your time to get it done right. You’ll also want to invest in your company’s safety by running background checks on anyone you’ve considered for a given position. Reach out to NationSearch — our professionals will make the background screening process as efficient and effective as possible.