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There’s certainly a lot to love about Chevy Chase’s tour de force known as National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. For many families across the nation and even around the world, it has become one of the most beloved holiday movies of all time. And what’s not to love? The movie has family outings, a Christmas tree, the spirit of giving, an incredible sledding experience, and so much more.

The characters, however, leave much to be desired when it comes to certain attributes. Clark Griswold might be a bumbling fool much of the time, but at least we know that he is surprisingly good at his job. The same cannot be said of Cousin Eddie. In the spirit of the holiday, let’s take a look at some light-hearted facts about the character that would immediately tell your hiring manager that he’s probably not right for any job that your business might offer.

Doesn’t Respect Boundaries

Harassment in the workplace has become a big topic of discussion in recent years, leading to training videos, reprimands, firings, and even lawsuits. Cousin Eddie has constantly displayed a lack of respect when it comes to personal boundaries. He shows up when he’s not expected, butts into conversations, and often shares information of a personal and even, sometimes, disgusting matter. At a place of employment, he’s a harassment lawsuit just waiting to happen.

Can’t Even Manage His Pets

Not every employee must be management material, but if you’re hiring for that type of position, then it’s obviously something the person needs. Regarding Cousin Eddie, what’s the deal with him having pets that won’t behave? His dog not only humps people like it’s going out of style, but he also drinks from the dish meant to water the Christmas tree. If he can’t manage his animals, do you really think that he would be able to manage your company’s employees effectively?

Health Safety Isn’t His Strong Suit

Nothing is more important than the health of your business’s employees and customers. Remember when Cousin Eddie decided that it would be a good idea to empty his RV’s waste into the ground, which caused both a toxic chemical hazard and a fire hazard at the same time? This guy’s epic negligence is probably something that you wouldn’t want to be a part of your company. Sure, in the end, Eddie’s antics led to Santa taking flight to cap off the movie, but we surely wouldn’t consider that a positive outcome.

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Terrible Influence on Others

In each of the Vacation movies that Cousin Eddie has appeared in, it’s made very clear that he has always been a horrible influence on his family. Yes, his heart is in the right place, but his wife and kids aren’t exactly living a good life… and don’t forget, he pretty much taught his daughter how to pole dance at some point in the series. Not everything he did makes him a bad seed, especially in Christmas Vacation, but he clearly has no problem influencing others in a way that employees and customers might not find acceptable.

Kidnapping Isn’t Against His Morals

As we mentioned above, Cousin Eddie’s heart was often in the right place, but he didn’t exactly think things through. Even though it did turn out well in the end for the Griswolds, the truth is that he went to a man’s house and kidnapped him. There’s very little chance that a guy like that isn’t going to have a bunch of criminal records to be concerned about.

While this particular blog was written primarily in jest, it is absolutely true that certain potential employees do not fit the personality you’re looking for or possess the skills necessary for certain positions. This is why background checks are essential. Whenever you’re hiring, entrust the experts at NationSearch to keep your employees and customers safe.