Organization and accuracy are key in successful employment, and now you can keep track of it all for free! As an active client of NationSearch, our user-friendly, functional, and effective Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is free of charge.

Our system allows you to create and maintain a central database of all of your company’s job openings and potential candidates.

There are several options for customizaion of the portal and the only fee involed, it’s optional. Our breakdown is simple. Level 1 customization includes initial settings and logos for $25. Level 2 includes level 1 and customization of forms, emails, notifications or any other linguistics you would like to use for a total of $50.

A single ATS portal contains all the on-boarding tools you’ll ever need:

  • Create and post job descriptions.
  • No more paperwork, no more data entry! Applicants can submit their resumes, applications, and completed background screening consents online.
  • Individual portals personalized for your company’s needs.

Your time is valuable: streamline your hiring process for free! CLICK HERE and a NationSearch team member will get in touch with more information.