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The healthcare industry is responsible for a lot of personal information concerning millions of people across the planet. In addition to the basic stuff that many companies have on file, such as contact information and possibly credit card info, they also – quite obviously – have all of your medical records.
While it is true that the inadvertent release of private information can often be attributed to hackers, it is also possible for leaks of information to occur because of questionable employees. This is why proper background screening in the healthcare industry is absolutely essential.

Medical Records Are Extremely Sensitive

First and foremost, you need to remember at all times that medical records are extremely sensitive. The information is often of a very private nature, which could be embarrassing if it was to be released to the general public. In certain cases, a release of medical data could result in further hardship, such as a mental or emotional breakdown. Therefore, employees must be of a certain caliber to ensure that this information is protected.

Work History Is Especially Important

Due to the sensitive nature of medical records and the information contained therein, a person’s work history is even more important than it may be with other jobs. You don’t want an employee working at a hospital or in a doctor’s office who has falsified his or her work history because that may mean they lack the experience needed to handle sensitive information in certain positions. Employment verification is always important, but even more so here.

Patients Put Their Trust in You

When a patient enters a medical facility, there’s a certain level of respect and discretion that he or she expects from the staff. They are putting their trust in you as a medical professional, and if a worker breaks that trust, then that does not reflect well on you. Those in the healthcare industry must keep this responsibility in mind the next time a position opens up and hiring begins.

Hackers Love Healthcare Records

Hackers have been known over the years to hit a variety of targets, and one of their favorites is the healthcare industry. This is because not only will sensitive information be contained in those records that they can use for identity theft, but hackers who are simply trying to expose sensitive information “for the fun of it” will find plenty of “juicy” info they can release.

HIPAA Laws Are Strict

HIPAA has very strict laws in place that govern the way medical information is treated. Therefore, you need to make sure the employees you hire are ethical and will not provide any sensitive information to anyone outside of the facility. Certain background searches, such as ones for criminal records and drug usage, will help organizations meet the need for high ethical standards.

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Patients Often Cannot Protect Themselves

Many patients, specifically ones who are elderly, mentally ill, or otherwise incapacitated in some way, can often not protect themselves very well. They rely on the professionalism and fortitude of medical facilities and their employees to supply such protection. If any of your employees has a questionable background, the security of your patients can be compromised.

Medical Facilities Contain Expensive Equipment and Various Medications

Not only are medical facilities filled with expensive equipment, but many of them are also filled with sought-after medications. If someone has either a criminal record for theft or drug use in their background, then you would definitely want to think twice before hiring that person.

If you want to know more about how to protect your employees and customers from nefarious individuals, reach out to the research experts at NationSearch today. We will help you stay protected and safe.