Employee Pre Screening can be an invaluable tool in preventing undesirable and perhaps dangerous workplace situations.

Concientious and judicious employee pre screening can make a hugely positive impact in reducing or eliminating the number of undesireables in the workplace. Background screening, along with drug testing will greatly assist in the mitigation of these hiring blunders.employee pre screening

A high turnover rate, caused by hiring mistakes is a very costly proposition, not only to the bottom line, but also, in the time that has been invested in the hiring, orientation, and training processes. Weeks…often times months of productivity are lost, resulting in a huge amount of frustration by all involved.

Criminal background investigations will not only reveal historical facts, but can also give the employer, valuable insight into the individual’s personality traits and habits. By the very name, a “habitual” offender is almost positively going to continue down the same path.

Almost all states allow the backgrund screening companies to provide the employer with information dating back 7 years in the applicant’s history. That allows for a very reasonable snapshot into the character of the applicant.

Some of the information revealed iin a background check are motor vehicle records, criminal history, DUI’s, sex offenses, credit information, etc.

Spend a little bit of money up-front in the prevention of a hiring mistake rather a lot of money in “clean-up” on the back end.