Creating Success Within Your Team

Whether you are building your own business or you are an employee working for a company, the key to team building success lies within the functionality and harmony of the team. There are many aspects to building a solid foundation and maintaining a positive workforce in order to achieve maximum potential.

Hiring the Right People 


In hiring the ideal candidate, certain criteria must be kept in mind. Aside from first impressions, managers should look for well-rounded individuals to best suit their business needs. An applicant’s resume and their completed application are only the beginning stages of finding the perfect fit. In conducting a thorough background screen, companies can easily and confidently determine key aspects of a potential employee’s integrity well before the more personal aspects of the hiring process are underway. Although hiring managers can get a good perception of character in an interview, knowing the facts about an applicants’ past through a comprehensive background check is critical in making confident hiring decisions. Get to know your applicant further through a carefully conducted interview. Sense their chemistry as an individual, keeping in mind their compatibility with your team’s chemistry – where and how would they fit into the office’s dynamics? Above all, trust your instincts and intuition—look for people who will bring value and enthusiasm to the company.

Focusing on Goals

In focusing team members around a commonly shared vision, company leadership can keep an eye on the horizon while making course corrections along the way.

  • Keep your staff in the loop.
  • Regular check-ins are essential in establishing an intimate rapport with your staff, thus providing employees the platform to share ideas and voice concerns on a regular basis.

Have clear and concise goals and expectations for each department.

  • Here at NationSearch, we have a prominently placed vision board with the sole purpose of cultivating an ideal work atmosphere. It contains images that represent teamwork and happiness on the job, pictures of new clients, and various other symbols of success.
  • Having goals vibrant and visible in the office helps bring them that much closer to realization.

Tap into your team’s strengths individually, and collectively through collaborative team building exercises.

  • When compiling your team’s assignments, give tasks and projects to those who will enjoy doing them. For example, if you have an employee who is outgoing, puts people at ease, and is a proven conversationalist, get them talking to your customers.
  • Assigning projects that are suited to bringing out individuals’ strengths rather than focusing on their disadvantages will save a lot of effort in the long run.
Written by: by Olivia Grenham 10/31/2013