Everyone seems to be on social media! It is great exposure for a business and an efficient outlet for branding. There is always the possibility, however, that a disgruntled customer will use your company page as their megaphone. Here are some helpful pointers when navigating this social media conundrum.

Don’t take it personally.

Of course it doesn’t feel good when someone complains about your business, and indeed, harsh criticisms can sting at first. What is important to remember is that these commentaries are not personal jabs. Rather, these situations are an opportunity to empathize with disgruntled customers and clients.

Reach Out.

By making a genuine effort to connect and resolve issues that come up, businesses can shift potentially damaging situations toward positive outcomes.

To delete or not to delete?

If the post on the company page is obscene or otherwise inappropriate, of course deleting it is the best way to go. When there is a legitimate complaint or concern, however, leaving the original post along with the steps taken to create resolution helps to form an online presence of trust and transparency.

Use it as a learning experience.

Show the social media complaint at your next staff meeting to show your staff how to respond to these situations, if it ever arises for them. Training your staff will eliminate the possibility of loosing a client or customer.