The Issue: Sexual Predators

A truck dealership was in process of hiring for an open position in sales, and contacted NationSearch for a background screening on the applicant.

The Action Taken by NationSearch:

NationSearch was contacted to do a Comprehensive Criminal Search, and a Social Security Number/Address Trace. The Comprehensive Criminal Search consists of:

Comprehensive Criminal Search
The comprehensive criminal search is the most exhaustive search available. This search includes the following:

  • State Department of Correction – checks to ascertain if a person was or is being monitored by the State.
  • County Criminal – checks for misdemeanor or felony charges or convictions.
  • Sex Offender Registry – checks appropriate state registry, per state guidelines.
  • Federal – checks for convictions in the Federal Court system.

The Conclusion:

NationSearch’s screening revealed that the applicant is on the Sex Offender Registry. This applicant has been a registered sex offender since 2001. This applicant’s crimes are against children.

This information gave the potential employer the information they were looking for in order to make an informed hiring decision.