The beginning of the year is a marvelous time to set up your business’ projections for the year ahead. Here at NationSearch our goals revolve around bringing quality products and services to both new and long-standing clients, deepening our relationship with the community, and making the workplace a safer, more productive place for everyone.

Set Up for Success

January can be a challenging time for motivation and drive: the holiday season, while enjoyable, can make getting back into the routine work environment a shock to the system. At NationSearch, we start off the new year by laying out our goals, ambitions and hopes for what we want the year to look like, which can be a hugely motivating factor for any company. Designing the upcoming year’s aims and intentions by breaking them down into daily tasks can assist employees in having more fulfilling focused, and productive workdays. Creating tangible timelines and measurable goals can help companies side-step feelings of procrastination and melancholy that can accompany the after-holidays lull and get their employees refocused on the tasks at hand.

Make It Worthwhile

Becoming involved with goals and ambitions can make a huge difference in employee performance. Sharing ideas, inspirations, and vision can do wonders in sparking drive and overall company cohesion. The beginning of the year can also be a great time of year for trainings and classes. Creating environments where employees feel they can grow, expand, and hone their skills can have a sound impact on workplace atmosphere.

Lead by example

To inspire employees and facilitate enthusiasm behind plans of action, use your own vision to lay out the year ahead and share with your employees what focuses you will hold for the company. Letting employees know the true value and importance of their work can result in a focused team.

NationSearch Spotlight

This month’s Spotlight is on Marketing Manager, Brenda Lund. Brenda has been on the NationSearch team since 2008. The background screening industry has never been the same and NationSearch has never looked back. Brenda’s focus is to have fun while keeping the business running smoothly. After Brenda’s talents brought her into the marketing department, Brenda has dedicated her time and efforts toward creating a brand rooted in honesty, integrity, and above all, kindness. Born on January 24th, we here at NationSearch are celebrating Brenda this month—Happy Birthday and thank you from all of us here at NationSearch!

“Brenda is the definition of a team player: she is a phenomenal person and has a remarkable work ethic.”
— NationSearch, President Jodie Saremi