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Easy, timely, quality screening with integrity.

Our high standards of care, competency, effectiveness and customer service are reflective of the energy and quality the team at NationSearch brings to each of our clients. We continually visualize ourselves in our customers’ shoes in order to insure a productive and completely painless experience for you, our client.

NationSeach is a company with a conscience. We feel that there is an obligation because we are dealing with people’s lives. It is NationSearch responsibility to insure that we conduct fair and accurate background screenings. In protecting the applicant, we are also protecting our clients. This ends up being a huge win for both people and company.

NationSearch takes effort to protect applicant and clients by refusing to conduct a Nationwide Criminal Database Search as a sufficient, stand-alone search. The abuse of such searches in modern hiring practice has resulted in numerous law suits from applicants who have missed the opportunity for employment due to negligent background reporting. Doing unto others as we would have them do unto us may sound like a cliché, but it really does ground our thinking on a foundational level.

“NationSearch is your best solution when it comes to a comprehensive pre-employment background screening company. By implementing a comprehensive screening policy you are providing your employees with a safer and more secure work environment. Our easy to read background screening reports are both comprehensive and FCRA-compliant.” Jodie Saremi, NationSearch President/Owner