Two of our criminal researchers, Erica and Adrielle, have laced up their running shoes entering the realm of health and fun seekers by running their first 5k.

Erica’s New Year’s resolution was to get healthy and fit and have fun at the same time.

The 5k’s came to mind and she resolved to participate in at least 3 per year. “I’ve always wanted to run consistently. It’s not about winning at all. It’s about getting out there and doing something fun!” she smiled. Adrielle started running with Erica because…well…because its way more fun to do things with your best girlfriends!!

Erica ran the Color Vibe 5k solo as Adrielle came down sick.Right out of the gate she was showered with neon rainbow colors, that continued to blast over the participants throughout the run.

The Bubble Run is like running through Willy Wonka’s’ factory, a giant effervescent party complete with lots of great music! Needless to say, runners look like peacocks strutting, dancing, walking and running through the streets. What could be more fun?

Kudos to our ladies in the criminal department for their determination! We’ll keep you updated as they put more and more 5k’s and other adventures behind them.