County Misdemeanor Conviction of Reckless Endangerment of a Child, and Felony Conviction for 2nd degree Burglary and Felony Conviction for Distribution of Imitation Controlled Substance.

The Issue:

A well known Remodeling company received a few applications for job openings. NationSearch was contacted to assist them in obtaining background information on these individuals, to enable them to make a more informed hiring decision.reckless endangerment

The Action Taken by NationSearch:

NationSearch performed a county criminal search, consisting of SSN trace, driving history, and instant credit check, on the applicants.

The Conclusion:

This company received a double whammy, regarding the results of the searches.

The single county search turned up court documents on 2 of the applicants, showing that one of the applicants had a felony conviction of 2nd degree burglary, of a dwelling, in 2007, and a misdemeanor conviction of reckless endangerment of a child. The applicant plead guilty to all counts, and was sentenced to 48 hours of community “service”, probation, and fines. His probation was later revoked, due to his behavior, and he was sentenced to 4 years of community “corrections”. (Halfway house, or ankle bracelet, etc.). The applicant still has misdemeanor offenses being reported in 2010.

Another applicant had been convicted of Felony Distribution of an imitation controlled substance, in 1999, and 2006, plus various driving-related convictions, and had been sentenced to prison for 18 months. The applicants bad behavior regarding misdemeanor offenses, also, have continued to be reported in 2010.

This information enabled the remodeling company to make an informed hiring decision, which could have saved them time, money, and the aggravation that comes with making a bad hiring decision.