Re-Screening Employees

Businesses can improve the odds of keeping assets and employees safe and secure through annual screening check-ups. Safety-oriented positions in particular should require on-going criminal history checks and drug screening throughout an individual’s employment. Re-screening is the only solid way to know if employees are in good standing with situations that require licensure or criminal activity. Companies can create policies stating whether re-screening will take place each year. A follow-up procedure using NationSearch’s easily customizable authorization form allows for smooth, secure employee management.

It all come down to diligence and accuracy.

Cover your company, your staff and your customers. Implement a re-screening procedure today, and protect more than just your budget.

To keep track of employees, re-screen for things like:

  • Drugs
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Professional Licenses
  • Criminal Records

We can help you customize a re-screening package to fit your needs and your budget.

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