When you go out in search of a job, it’s important to realize that the hiring manager or interviewer will quickly head to Google (or Bing – let’s be fair to the Microsoft fans) and see what they can discover. This might be as simple as checking out your Facebook profile or maybe even a dating site or two. Regardless, the important takeaway here is that it will happen. Or, at least, it’s very likely.

Similar to the use of background checks, there are rules in certain areas regarding the use of such information as it relates to a company’s hiring decisions. That being said, the better you look out there on the “interwebs,” the better off you’ll be. To help you understand what this is all about, here are five facts about personal branding that make it a must while job hunting in 2018:

Your Image is Everything… and Everywhere

We feel a little silly explaining this one since it’s so darn obvious, but it’s definitely something we can’t skip. The truth of the matter is that our society judges people – sometimes fairly, sometimes not so fairly. The proliferation of online accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many others has created a level of transparency that can bolster or tarnish your image. This is why it’s so important to protect that image at all costs.

You Can Control a Lot of What’s Out There

All those Facebook posts, Tweets, and discussion board comments that you make are in your full control. If you expect to be searching for a job in the future, it’s in your best interest to be wary of what you’re writing. If you wouldn’t want your grandmother to read it, then think twice before posting it. In fact, being able to control what people see will allow you to create a positive online persona that can make you look like a fantastic person.

Shared Info Will Be Difficult to Hide

When you post something on Facebook or Twitter, you are in control of it. But, if one of your friends or even a random person (in situations where a post is public) shares your post, then it’s possible that a potential employer may come across it even after you’ve deleted the original post. In other words, if you have a tendency to post negative thoughts when you’re tipsy, you might want to remove any and all access to your online profiles until you’ve slept it off.

The More Profiles, the Better – to a Point

It’s important that a potential employer can see that you have varied interests and are a relatively personable individual. One way to do this is to create profiles on multiple social media platforms and online forums. This will allow you to appear more well-rounded in terms of sharing personal thoughts on Facebook while celebrating your wedding anniversary by posting pictures on Instagram. Just don’t overdo the number of profiles – you want to appear personable, not obsessed.

It Won’t Happen Overnight

Building a personal brand takes time – lots of it. If you go home tonight and create a dozen profiles on various social media platforms, dating sites, discussion boards, etc., don’t expect your personal brand to change the next day, the next week, or even the next month. Even if you post tons of positive content, it’s going to take some time for it to all come together in the vast world of internet searches. Be patient, grasshopper.

Personal branding can be used to give potential employers a relatively accurate picture of how you will fit in as an employee. NationSearch is the king of background searches, so we can attest to how important your overall persona can be. For more information, or if you’re a business in need of searching for criminal records, drug arrests, or other types of background info, reach out to us and we’ll help!