10 Tips to Get Hired Despite a Gap in Your Employment (part 1 of 2)

by NationSearch Information on September 17, 2018

The economy has been chugging along at a steady pace over the past several years, and finding employment has become easier for many job seekers. However, there are still times when there may be gaps in a job applicant's employment history.

Whether this is due to the loss of a job, an opportunity to make money through freelancing and alternative sources, or the decision to go back to school, this can often be seen as a negative by prospective employers. So, what can you do to counteract this and make a potential employer comfortable in hiring you? We’re going to explore this in a two-part blog and here are the first set of tips:

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Why Tom Cruise's Characters Would Be Terrible Hiring Managers

by NationSearch Information on September 14, 2018

It's no secret that Tom Cruise is one of the biggest movie stars of all time. Even when he's being dogged by the media because of a less-than-perfect personal life, you can bet that he'll be back on the big screen with another memorable character like the one that just appeared in the next installment of the Mission: Impossible series, which gave him yet another chance to shine and do stunts that most of us can't even fathom.

While Cruise has played plenty of responsible characters throughout his career, there are both good and bad guys he's portrayed who would simply make terrible hiring managers in the real world. We thought it would be fun to look at a few of these characters and give our thoughts of why you would definitely choose not to accept the mission of using these characters to do your company’s hiring.

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Ever Wonder How Background Screeners Obtain Their Information?

by NationSearch Information on September 4, 2018

The safety of your company’s employees, customers, and associates must always be a top priority. This is why background checks that are conducted by trained, knowledgeable individuals should always be on your to-do list when hiring new employees or researching existing ones.

But, have you ever wondered how background screeners obtain the information they are able to provide to hiring managers? We thought it’d be nice to pull back the curtain a little bit and explain where and how our researchers are able to access the records necessary to help you keep your business and the people who support it safe and sound.

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Career Success is Only a Few Steps Away

by NationSearch Information on August 21, 2018

Success is something that we all strive for in both personal and professional relationships. For millions of people, the drive to succeed is what gets us up in the morning and what keeps us going, even when the odds are not in our favor.

Are you having trouble finding success in your chosen career? Are you close to success, but something seems to be holding you back? Trust us when we tell you that you’re absolutely not alone. So, what’s a worker to do? You can start by following these simple tips:

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Telltale Signs That It’s Time to Find a New Job

by NationSearch Information on August 14, 2018

Millions of people around the country at any given time are unhappy with their jobs, yet they stick around until they’ve basically burned themselves out. This shouldn’t be too surprising to most people in the workforce. After all, searching for a new job isn’t the easiest thing to do, so why not avoid it for as long as possible?

You can’t stay at a job that isn’t working forever, but it’s often difficult to see the writing on the wall. The first step is recognizing when it’s time to find a new job, but that can be difficult for some people. Here are some signs to watch out for:

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7 Resume-Boosting Tips

by NationSearch Information on August 6, 2018

Landing your dream job, or even a job that will be a placeholder while you strive for your dream job, starts with a resume. What comes down to a simple sheet of paper can act as either your calling card for a wondrous job interview or fodder for the administration assistant’s office shredder.

The trick is getting your resume to stand out without being too flashy. People in search of a new job need to develop a resume that gets attention and tells the hiring manager that he or she would be making a mistake not to invite them in for an interview. To that end, here are seven resume-boosting strategies:

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Creative Ways People have Tried (and Failed) to Trick a Drug Test

by NationSearch Information on July 23, 2018

While most of the potential employees who you will encounter when searching to fill a position will be honest about their pasts, you will eventually come across people who will attempt to hide certain details. Attempting to pass a drug test despite being on drugs or having recently used drugs is one such thing that you may encounter.

Rather than lecture you on the importance of proper drug testing, we thought it would be fun (and maybe a little disturbing) to look at a few anecdotes and real-life situations where people have tried to find creative ways to trick a drug test… and failed miserably.

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Why Hiring Slowly is Better for Business

by NationSearch Information on July 16, 2018

When it’s time to hire a new employee for your company, your first inclination is probably to rush out and fill the position as fast as is humanly possible. After all, the more time you take to hire someone, the harder other employees are being forced to work, not to mention the money you could be losing as well.

However, rushing to find a new employee (or multiple ones) in a short period of time can be a huge mistake. Yes, you should begin the process of finding applicants right away, but hiring slowly is typically better for business. Here’s why:

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5 Steps to Hiring a New Employee

by NationSearch Information on November 8, 2018

With so many people looking for work these days, you'd think that hiring a new employee would be the easiest thing in the world. The truth is, finding an employee who would be a good fit can be difficult, not only with the position you're trying to fill, but with your company as a whole.

By trying to rush through the process - or by lacking a game plan for hiring in the first place - many businesses find that their hiring processes turn up the wrong candidates or even fail altogether. It can cost up to 33% of an employee’s salary to replace him or her, so if you’re not being deliberate about your hiring choices, it could really cost you. That’s why for today’s discussion, we’re going to be looking at a five-step plan that any business can follow to ensure that their hiring process is both simple and effective. Let's begin:

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5 TV Characters Who Would Never Pass a Background Check

by NationSearch Information on July 2, 2018

Background checks keep your employees and clients safe, which makes screening an essential part of doing business. You can verify education and employment, run criminal records, and check for past drug problems to ensure that you know exactly the type of person you’re hiring for any given position at your company.

Although this is a serious subject, we thought it’d be fun to take a more relaxed approach today. So, we’ve put together a list of five TV characters who would never pass a background check. While these may be absurd versions of men and women you might find across the table from your hiring manager, they still can teach us a great lesson about the importance of background screening.

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