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2019 is finally here, and that means millions of people will be making resolutions to last throughout the entire year. While resolutions are often considered to be goals that affect a person’s individual actions, every business owner or hiring manager should also join in on the fun.

As everyone is aware, you must keep your employees, customers, and anyone who does business with your company safe and sound. Before the new year gets any further underway, it’s important that you take a look at the background checks that you’re currently performing and decide if you should include any others for extra security. To help you out, here’s a quick outline of a few options that you may want to add to your business’s background search repertoire.

Identity Verification

It’s certainly a strange world that we live in when you can’t entirely trust a person’s identity. Companies all across the United States and around the globe have been forced to deal with new hires who end up not being the person they claim to be. As you can imagine, this can open up your company and its employees to a possibly dangerous situation since most people don’t lie about their identities if they don’t have something bad to hide. For that reason, this should definitely be on your list of background searches if it isn’t already.

Criminal Records

Arguably, the most important part of a background search is checking for a person’s criminal records. Depending on the industry that you’re in and your company’s policies on the matter, a person’s criminal past may dictate whether or not they are offered a job. If you’re not already performing a criminal check, then you are doing everyone at your business a dangerous disservice. So, in 2019, make sure that this is part of your company’s normal background search practices.

Drug Screening

As most people reading this are probably aware, our country has been experiencing a drug epidemic for many years now. While it will be impossible to stop the problem entirely, running a drug test for each potential employee will help you keep it out of your business. In fact, it’s a good idea to add random drug tests throughout the year to your company’s overall policies and procedures.

Employment Verification

For obvious reasons, where a person has worked in the past is of great importance when you’re hiring for most positions. The unfortunate reality is that some potential employees will not be truthful concerning where they have worked before applying for a job at your business. In fact, fabricating past employment or a person’s role at a particular company are two of the most common “fibs” on a person’s resume, so it’s always best to get this checked out before it becomes a bigger problem down the road.

Education Verification

Depending on the position or job title that you’re hiring for, a person’s education could be one of the most important factors in your hiring decision. However, if it is of importance or you simply think that the applicant is being untruthful, verification of education will set your mind at ease and ensure that you’re getting the best employee possible. Like employment history, this is a common piece of information for applicants to fib about.

Reference Checks

Calling personal and professional references can be an arduous, time-consuming part of the hiring process, and most people don’t seem to know exactly what to ask or how to ask it. Reference checks can be invaluable to help you get a feel of the type of person you’re hiring, so, if you’re not going to do it yourself, make sure that you enlist the assistance of a professional who will ensure that you obtain useful information from each reference.

Background checks are an essential part of doing business, and NationSearch can help. Whether you need criminal searches, employment verification, drug tests, or something else, be sure to reach out to our search experts today.