A solid foundation of ethical hiring practice is critical to the success of any business in the modern world. 

With NationSearch as your partner in comprehensive background screening, you can rest assured we’ll go that extra mile to make sure our clients are in accordance with background screening law and that their applicants are protected. Learn more about our Compliance Department and what NationSearch does to maintain Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) standards throughout the comprehensive background screening process.

The focus of the Compliance Department is to evaluate, update, and implement the highest standard of ethics into our company’s practices. At NationSearch, proper dissemination of information is of the utmost importance: the Compliance Officer is the objective voice in keeping NationSearch and its clients in accordance with FCRA laws and regulations, which serves to safeguard our promise of reliable, quality reporting that our clients can trust.

One of the main responsibilities of the Compliance Department is to educate, encourage, and assist clients in properly using the process of applicant notification when it comes to denial of employment based on information reported in a background screen. The Notice of Preadverse Action followed up by the Notice of Adverse Action is critical in the protection of applicant rights as outlined in the FCRA, and allows clients to follow the appropriate course of action when denying employment.

Who gets hired matters: in establishing a business and striving to maintain positive growth, a company’s reputation is only as good as the choices that are made during the hiring process. Clients can trust their company is being supported by NationSearch, a background screening company founded on ethical principles that contribute to expansion and our clients’ overall protection during the comprehensive background screening process.


“At the heart of every successful business enterprise is the willingness to maintain an ethical foundation. One solid way to achieve this is to keep company policies and procedures consistent and transparent.” ~ NationSearch Compliance Officer Andrew Dose