Here we are yet again – another year full of promise and potential. Across the country, millions of people are making plans to help themselves achieve their 2018 goals, both personally and professionally. Many of these people will be searching for a new job as a way to grow and advance in this rollercoaster thing we call life. If you’re one of these people, then you’re exactly the type of person who should check out our quick tips that will help you get a job in the coming year:

Reach Out to Old Friends

Even though the industry you’re in may put a heavier emphasis on what you know rather than who you know (which is how it should be), there’s still a lot of power in networking. Over the years, you’ve probably befriended dozens, if not hundreds of people within your industry or one that’s related to what you already do. Some of these people may be aware of a potential employment opportunity that you would be perfect for, so making contact with old friends could lead you to new endeavors. It will also keep you fresh in their minds for the future.

Update Your Resumé

If you’ve been at your current job for a while, or perhaps taken a bit of a sabbatical while you drove for Uber and walked dogs in your neighborhood as a way to refocus your energy, there’s a good chance that your resumé could use an update. Any gaps in employment need to be explained, and while it doesn’t hurt to get a little inventive with descriptions, potential employers can typically spot “nonsense” from miles away. Also, keep in mind that employers may get hundreds of resumés at once, so keep it short and make it stand out.

Check Job Sites

Between Indeed, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, and dozens of other popular job search sites, there is a plethora of job opportunities available at your fingertips. Once you’ve updated your resumé, be sure to upload it to multiple job sites and/or update each profile that already exists on these job sites. You also want to turn on automatic job alerts so that if an employment opportunity that fits your criteria pops up, you’ll know about it right away. As the saying goes, the fast bird gets the worm – or something like that.

Clean Up Your Web Presence

While the internet provides us with many great benefits, it can also act as a detriment when it comes to personal information being readily available to anyone who wants to look. Even though certain states have been adopting laws governing what can and cannot be used against you in social media profiles, the less “questionable” stuff that’s out there for the world to see, the better off you’ll be. And don’t forget to check out the privacy policy of each social media platform you’re using to ensure that your personal information is protected from prying eyes.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile

First and foremost: if you don’t already have a LinkedIn profile, then shame on you! LinkedIn provides a complete network of business opportunities in every type of industry imaginable and you never know what might come out of it. That being said, many people already on LinkedIn forget all about their profile once they become employed. If you want to find a job in 2018, then you’ll definitely want to go in and spruce it up a little.

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