Never has the statement “change is the only constant in life” been more applicable than in today’s fast-paced world. Never one to be left behind, the NationSearch system is constantly being changed to accommodate updated, faster technology. Here are a few of the changes that have taken place, and a few changes that are now in the works:

A New, Bigger, and More Secure Server!

NationSearch has paired up with Tekkis, an extraordinary Colorado-based security company, to install a sophisticated new server. Gone are the days of hard drives, CPUs, and other bulky equipment—instead, our team is now using a nimble, streamlined system. NationSearch has invested in one of the most advanced server systems on the market to further protect our clients’ information.

Our Report Format

Our report format is effective and efficient for clients and users can share completed reports/results faster and easier. Additionally, records will have the capacity to be stored in a multitude of different formats. Our website interface will also look different, but will have the same dynamic functionality.

Online Ordering

NationSearch has partnered with another wonderful Colorado-based company to develop a more streamlined and cohesive online ordering system. Specializing in software and digital applications, Unicord will facilitate the development of an online system that will allow clients to order reports simply and effectively. By filling out an applicant intake form and clicking submit, our clients will be able to leave the rest up to the NationSearch team, freeing our clients from spending unnecessary time ordering their applicants’ background screens. This application is not only user friendly, but extremely secure as well.

Staffing Solutions

NationSearch has been providing staffing solutions for our Colorado-based clients for two years and we are now expanding our staffing program to include all of our clients. We offer fully vetted applicants who are ready for placement.

Drug Screening

NationSearch has always provided drug screening through our partnership with eScreen. We will, however, be partnering with another vendor in the near future. Please look for this announcement down the road!

“Change is inevitable. Progress is optional.”
– Tony Robbins