Reducing Risk for Everyone

NationSearch is always on the lookout for the very best, cutting-edge technology on the market. In order to increase our efficiency, security and, most importantly, our client’s satisfaction with our services, NationSearch seeks to be an advanced presence in the background screening industry. With electronic threats evolving right along with technology, NationSearch has taken the initiative in safe-guarding our system by moving to our own server.

Q: What does it mean when a business hosts its own server?

A: Moving to our own server means an exponential enhancement in security. All data provided to NationSearch is now hosted on an independent, all-in-one web server, mail server, and file server. The result? Faster processing, streamlined data flow, and enhanced protection from all cyber threats.

Q: How does it increase security?

A: Imagine one of those big safes used in a bank: one way in, one way out. All incoming and outgoing information is meticulously tracked and monitored in-house. Nothing gets in or out without strict permission.

Q: How will this change effect our clients?

A: All our clients need to do is rest assured in the knowledge that NationSearch is always analyzing and updating security measures in order to provide the best product possible.