Yes, you’re ridiculously busy. Yes, your stress level is off the charts. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thorough, and especially when it comes to background checks.

The problem is real…

Admittedly, if you’re responsible for hiring seasonal employees for your retail staff, you have a lot on your plate. It may be tempting to cut a few corners here and there in the process where it feels like “what we don’t know can’t hurt us.”

But that attitude has regrettably come back to bite a lot of companies who find themselves in the exact same position as you. That’s why any organization bringing on a high volume of seasonal employees absolutely can not skip the due diligence of completing an adequate employee background check.

…and so is the threat

In most retail stores, according to a National Retail Security Survey, employee theft accounts for about 35% of the annual shrinkage numbers they face. With a price tag upwards of $15 billion lost last year, it makes no sense to allow a known thief free access to your store.

Of course, that’s just money. What if the person you’re hiring has a criminal history including assault, sex offenses, or even murder? Don’t think it can’t happen, because it does. Every day. Remember that every employee will have made a great impression on the person responsible for hiring them. Criminals are often very good at manipulating people’s actions and attitudes.

But, as noted, it’s the employer who ends up facing a ruined reputation and public backlash, not to mention taking a legal and financial loss as a result of skipping one crucial step: the employee background check. A trusted and thorough background check company that has a vested interested in your image will partner with you to help you avoid negative impacts on your company’s reputation.

Protect Yourself

Protecting yourself and your customers during the busy and exciting holiday season doesn’t have to be hard.

The cost is low in comparison to being found negligent, and saving a little money seems less justified when a company is getting sued. But perhaps more important is the impact on your hard-won reputation. While adequate employee screening can be time consuming and complicated, especially in the midst of this incredibly busy season, background checks should not be overlooked in favor of expedience.

The key is to choose a qualified and responsible partner to assist with screening, and to work with them to create the optimal workflow to accomplish your needs. In our previous post, we outlined five key tips that can help your employee screening process go as quickly and smoothly as possible.