There’s a good chance that your company’s hiring process has been utilized more times than you can count. Or perhaps it’s rare for you to hire a new employee, so you go months without getting any practice. In either case, it’s possible that your hiring process has grown a little stale.

Don’t worry. It happens to the best of us, and it’s an easy fix. Simply follow these strategic steps, and your hiring process will be refreshed for 2018:

Strategy #1: Reassess Each Stage of the Process

As with many things in life and in business, you want to take things step by step. Break down each stage of your hiring process and see if anything immediately jumps out at you that needs to be altered. For this to be successful, you need to be honest with yourself. Don’t let pride get in the way of improvements. Just because you came up with the original process or you’ve taken great pride in it in the past, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. It also doesn’t mean each stage needs a complete overhaul: small tweaks can go a long way to help maintain P&P and making sure everything’s working in sync.

Strategy #2: Make Sure Jobs Can be Found on Google Search

If worthy candidates for a position you’re attempting to fill don’t even know that you’re hiring, then you could miss out on some excellent employees. Since Google is the most popular search engine in existence, with an approximate market share topping 70%, your job search needs to show up in search results. The good news is that Google launched a new initiative – which you can read about by clicking here – to make job searches appear more effectively and efficiently in search results, providing you with better opportunities to find the right candidate for the job.

Strategy #3: Speed Up the Process

A strange phenomenon exists where some businesses have the need to hire an employee, but then take their sweet time in doing so. This isn’t good for the business, and it certainly isn’t fun for the potential employee who is waiting expectantly to hear your decision on whether he or she has landed a new job. We know you have plenty of things to worry about when it comes to hiring a new employee and you certainly don’t want to hire the wrong person by being impulsive, but quickening the process will be beneficial to everyone. For instance, getting the interviewer to provide feedback within 24 hours of an interview (and much sooner, if possible) will significantly cut down the hiring process timeframe.

Strategy #4: Ensure Thoughtful Feedback from the Interviewer

In addition to speeding up the delivery of feedback from an interviewer, you want the feedback that’s provided to be thoughtful and thorough. When the feedback from an interviewer is absolutely clear, a decision is a lot easier to make and it happens in a shorter time-frame. Your interviewer should be instructed not to be vague in his or her statements, and not to get so caught up in the applicant’s personality or other attributes unrelated to the job that other crucial aspects are glossed over or entirely left out of the interviewer’s feedback.

Are you planning to hire a new employee in the near future or have already begun the hiring process? It is imperative that you ensure the safety of your business, its employees, and its customers, which means you’ll want to conduct thorough background checks on any individual who applies. When you’re ready to begin, reach out to NationSearch and we will help ensure that you hire the very best candidate for the job.