A Global Industry Leader in manufacturing and distribution of aftermarket vehicle parts and accessories was hiring for a sales position. Obviously, this is a key position, and integral to the company’s success. Sales people and customer service representatives are front line with the company’s clients. First and lasting impressions are made…good or bad.  A felony vehicle theft conviction was uncovered during the search.

Action Taken by NationSearch:

This organization is very aware of how critical a comprehensive background screening can be to the overall success or failure of a company. Therefore, they directed NationSearch to conduct a very thorough screening, which consisted of an SSN/Address Trace, State DOC (Department of Corrections), County Criminal, Sex Offender Registry, Federal Criminal State District Court Search, and a Nationwide Database search. This turned out to be a very good decision.

This person was found to have an extensive criminal past. He had been incarcerated for 3 years and released on probation for 3 years. The charges were for theft of a motor vehicle, forgery, carrying a concealed weapon and possession of cocaine. He plead guilty to theft of a motor vehicle.


This company dodged a bullet by ensuring they had the information necessary on this applicants’ background history to make an informed decision. Averting this potential disaster cost them only $98.50, which is very little in comparison to what might have happened with a bad hire. Much of this expense was due to the fact that this applicant had lived in 3 states…all had to be checked for criminal history.