FAQ Series: Why screen my applicants?

Written by NationSearch Information on November 29, 2017
Why do I need to do a background search on my applicants?
ebookcoverfinalremoved-1Gone are the days when employers could rely on their gut instinct or intuition when making the critical hiring decision.  There are various and numerous reasons why an employer would want to do a criminal background check on a potential employee.  Most employers want to verify that the information the applicant provided on the application is accurate.  Employers typically want to know what the individuals' history is so they can assess whether or not the applicant is going to be a risk to their organization.  If an employee's actions cause damage or injury to another employee or their property and the employer is found to be lacking in their effort to apply appropriate due diligence within their hiring practices, the result can be devastating, both financially and to the employers' reputation.

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