FAQ Series: What info. is needed to begin a background screening?

Written by NationSearch Information on November 29, 2017

What information do I need in order to begin a background screening?

Bare minimum, you need an accurate first and last name and date of birth.  Correct spelling is essential.  Ideally, you would also have the individuals' social security number and current address.  If you are aware of nicknames, maiden names or other aliases, providing this information is very helpful.  The more identifiers, the better chance you have of returning an accurate background screening.ebookcoverfinalremoved-1

The Social Security Number Address Trace utilizes the credit bureaus' information to find past and present addresses associated with the applicant as well as nicknames, maiden names, and other aliases.  This information is used by the screening provider to determine where the searches should be focused.  Additionally, this allows the screening provider to validate whether the applicant provided an SSN that is real and was issued after the date of birth the applicant provided.


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