How do I know what background searches are most appropriate to utilize for my employees?

There are a number of factors that should be considered when determining the appropriate searches that will comprise a single background check.

A partial list to consider might include:

  • Obtain pertinent advice from your legal counsel
  • Background Screening Industry best practices
  • Your Industry Specific best practice screenings and regulations
  • Budget for screenings
  • Turnaround time requirement
  • Goal of screening
  • Individual position requirements
  • Does the position work with at risk youth and seniors?
  • Does the position operate company vehicles?
  • Does the position require certain licenses and certificates?
  • Does the position require working with money or finances?
  • Legal issues/FCRA compliance
  • Etc.

Normally, running an individuals’ Social Security Address Trace, and a criminal history record check are essential and central to all background checks and fall under the background screening best practices. Searching for criminal history in areas where the individual has lived and worked helps to safeguard the employer and its’ employees. Additionally, some database searches that would not be credible as “stand-alone” searches may identify further Federal and/or State jurisdictions where it might be prudent to search.

If the individual is being placed into a position to operate company vehicles, a Motor Vehicle Records search may be advisable. Likewise, if the individual will be working directly or in close contact with at risk youth or seniors, a sex offender search might be in order. In both of these instances, a drug screening may be something you might want to consider. Under certain circumstances such as if you are hiring for the company Financial Officer or Accountant, a credit check wuorld be judicious. Be advised, there are laws governing when it is appropriate or inappropriate for a credit check to be performed.

it is always a good practice to consult with your legal team as to which searches are advisable for your individual positions and needs. State laws and industry regulations differ from region to region.