When, if ever, would a National or Nationwide Criminal database be useful?

The Nationwide Criminal Database, when used appropriately, can be a very useful tool and strategy. Perhaps an example might explain this best. Let’s say you are screening an individual who has lived their entire life in Colorado with no criminal history. Statistics and logic says that the most likely place that this individual would have a criminal record would be in Colorado. There is nothing that would lead NationSearch to check in any other state. However, it is entirely possible that this individual crossed the state line and committed a crime in Cheyenne County Nebraska, for example, and got caught. The crime would be processed, prosecuted and adjudicated in Cheyenne County, Nebraska, having nothing to do with Colorado. If and when Cheyenne County decided to report this court record to the Nationwide Criminal Database, and this database was a part of the requested search package, we would then be aware of the need to conduct a comprehensive search on the individual in Cheyenne County, Nebraska.