FAQ Series: Employment Verification

Written by NationSearch Information on November 29, 2017

How does a past Employment verification work?

NationSearch verifies the information provided by the applicant via direct contact with the company; usually the HR department.  In the case where the direct supervisors' information was provided, we may choose to utilize that contact information in our search.  For legal reasons, normally, past employers are not willing to give any more information than job title, start and end dates and job duties.  Salary, reason for the individual leaving and whether the applicant is eligible for rehire are usually not something that the past employers are willing to reveal. Our job is to basically verify as much information supplied by the applicant as possible, which goes to verifying their honesty.  (Usually the applicant needs to provide proof of past salary information via past check stubs,       W-2's or 1099 forms).

Each company disseminates the information a little differently.  In some instances, we are required to provide the signed consent form from the applicant.  Additionally, we are at the mercy of the company as to when we hear back from them.  Employment Verifications can be very quick or very time consuming.ebookcoverfinalremoved-1

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