What should I be looking for when choosing a reputable Background Screening company?

Basically, Background Screening companies all do the same thing. The decision boils down to your needs, comfort level and priorities as a consumer. In oder to protect yourself, you will want to insure the company you choose is knowledgeable of and follows the ever changing State and Federal FCRA laws and regulations. Does their customer service reflect the level you are looking for? Do you go into an annoying voicemail cycle when calling or does a friendly team member pick up the phone and immediately offer help?

  • Compliance with FCRA rules and regulations
  • Customer Service level
  • Price
  • Number of years in business
  • Number of complaint filings with the BBB (if any)
  • Number of lawsuits filed against the screening company (if any)
  • Knowledge of State and Federal laws and statutes
  • References