A car dealership was interviewing for a position, and wanted to run background screenings on the applicants, as a precautionary, and preventative measure.  A conviction of domestic violence was uncovered.

The Action Taken by NationSearch

NationSearch was contacted to do the background search, and conducted the following searches:

Social Security Number/Address Trace, County Criminal Search, Federal Criminal State SpecificDistrict Court Search, Motor Vehicle History Search, State Specific Sex Offender Search, Workers Compensation, and a State Department of Corrections Search.


domestic violence

The Conclusion:

This was a very comprehensive search which revealed that this individual has had documented run-ins with the law since at least 2005. These charges included knowingly damaging property, telephone harassment, intent to commit theft of over $300, restraint of dogs, domestic battery with physical contact, battery causing bodily harm, assault, criminal trespass, and disorderly conduct.

This gave the potential employer the information they needed in order to make an informed decision.

NationSearch is your industry leader in the Background Screening Arena. Let us help you become informed so that your hiring decisions are made with foreknowledge, rather than cleaning up the mess later.