With all the potential employees out there who are scrambling to find a new job, recruitment seems like it would be the easiest thing in the world. Unfortunately, many businesses are a bit lax when it comes to finding solid employees, and they tend to leave a chunk of the burden on those applicants searching for a position in the first place.

There’s no time like the present to improve your recruitment tactics so that your company’s hiring manager or owner can find better employees in the future. Therefore, we have compiled a few tips that will help you get the most out of your hiring efforts.

Improve How Your Brand Is Represented

Branding is an important aspect of your company from both a consumer perspective and an employee perspective. If you want to get the very best employees, then presenting yourself as one of the very best employers out there will certainly help. Projecting your brand in a positive light – thereby making your company more attractive to quality employees – will do wonders for your hiring prospects.

Make Your Move Quickly, But Don’t Rush a Decision

When you get to the point that a position has been made available at your company, you should begin searching for a new employee right away. This will help you get a jump on the hiring process and provide a longer period of time during which you can assess candidates and find the one right for the position. That being said, even though you should start looking right away, don’t jump into a final onboarding decision until you’re absolutely sure.

Write Up More Exciting Job Descriptions

Let’s face it – many jobs posted online sound rather boring. That’s because writing up a job description for your company is often like writing the “about me” summary on an online dating site. When you sit down to construct the ad, think about what makes your company special and consider exactly what the position you’re trying to fill truly brings to the company as a whole.

Pre-Screen Applicants Via Phone

While resumes are a great tool to help you weed through applicants, a simple phone call can take that one step further. A short conversation will allow you to obtain more information about certain elements on the person’s resume, and will give you a good idea of how the applicant presents himself or herself in terms of communication skills and overall personality.

Streamline Your Interviews

Too many businesses seem to conduct their interviews in a scattershot fashion. They don’t have any structure as to how the interview should go past a few standard questions meant to evaluate the potential employee. It’s perfectly okay to provide time to simply “chat” with the applicant – in fact, we would recommend it to a certain extent so that you get a better feel for the person as a whole – but sticking with a structure will improve both the flow and results of the interview.

Embrace the Use of Social Media

Today’s potential employees are typically well-ensconced in the world of social media, so that’s where you should be, too. Focusing your hiring efforts through the use of sites like Facebook and Twitter will help you reach employees that might otherwise not find your ad while sifting through the dozens of popular applicant sites that are currently available.

Advertise in the Right Places

In addition to advertising on social media, you want to post your open position on the most popular online job search websites. Sites like CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, Monster, Craigslist, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, and Simply Hired are a few of the most popular, and there may be other sites that cater to your specific industry. Where you advertise will also often depend on your industry and the position you’re hiring for, so keep that in mind.

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