If you’re searching for a background screening partner, you’ve probably already noticed that there’s a huge range of companies available. Some are national, or even international, in scope, with packages guaranteed to provide nearly instant results. Others are highly specialized, limited in range and focused on a niche selection of searches. Others are somewhere in the middle.

How do you choose? Should you just go with the biggest? The oldest? The closest one to you?

Does location matter?

As recently as 20 years ago, the answer to that question was a resounding “yes!” If you wanted background screening services that were thorough and economical, choosing a local agency was the only smart choice. After all, a local background screening company was in the best position to confirm all local information and they’d know where to branch out reasonably without breaking the bank with exhaustive and unnecessary investigation.

The Internet revolution has largely made that “norm” obsolete at this point. In fact, the combination of fast and secure online connections with ongoing digitization of public records has essentially put the entire nation’s records at the fingertips of anyone, anywhere with the appropriate access and knowledge.

But at what cost?

Can you still benefit from working with a local background screening company?

Another benefit of working with a local screening partner is the fact that these individuals live and work in your community. They have a vested interest in making sure the employees you hire are going to work out well for your company, and that they’re not going to present any danger to the community.

So, it makes sense to choose a local background screening partner if you can be sure the ones near you have the experience and expertise needed to do a quality job screening your candidates without forcing you into a cookie cutter arrangement where everyone receives the same package deals, or moving ahead with huge blanket searches with no regard for your budget.

The responsibility of choosing the right background screening partner shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The perfect compromise

Under the circumstances, the perfect compromise would be an employee background screening company that provides services on a national scale, but that functions as a local partner with a vested interest in each and every client.

That’s how NationSearch operates.

Our team is entirely US based.  When you contact NationSearch, you will be greeted by a friendly team member who is eager to help you on the spot, vs a frustrating phone maze.  While we have the tools and expertise to access every national, state, and municipal database — and can even send investigators on location to weed through antiquated paper files if necessary — we’ve done everything in our power to maintain the local feel to every client interaction we take on.

Whether your company is based here in Denver or not, we strive to treat you like you’re in our own backyard. And that’s why so many companies nationwide trust NationSearch to handle their background screening responsibilities year in and year out.