As another year comes to a close, many of us are enjoying the holidays, prepping for an influx of last-minute shoppers, and just enjoying this festive season. But, as a business, you still have plenty of behind-the-scenes tasks that must be done, especially if you want to start the new year off right.

Imagine how great it will feel if you’re able to begin the new year with a set of hiring practices ready to go that will make 2019 your best year yet. To that end, here are some tasks for you to complete in December that will help get you organized.

Devise a Plan to Improve Your Brand

Building a strong brand isn’t just a great way for your company to improve its exposure and gain new customers. It also makes attracting quality employees that much easier. If you want your hiring practices to go more smoothly in 2019, you should start by making improvements to your brand.

Clarify Each Person’s Role

Many businesses have a problem defining what each person’s role is in the company. When this happens, tasks often get delayed, passed to workers who are not well-trained, or no one knows who should handle a specific situation when it occurs. Make sure that each person at your company knows what his or her role truly is, and inform everyone else, too.

Analyze Your Internal Hiring Processes

The hiring of new employees should operate in every company like a well-oiled machine. Unfortunately, this very often isn’t the case. Take a look at your internal processes and make sure that they’re as streamlined as possible. If you discover any kinks in the system that slow the process down, make the necessary changes right away.

Revisit the Job Descriptions

If you’ve been getting the wrong type of candidates or simply not enough of them whenever you post for a new position, you should definitely take a look at the job description for each role. Very often, the description is not specific enough or does not effectively explain the daily job responsibilities of the position.

Take a Look at the Background Searches You’re Using

If you’re not checking out an applicant’s background information, such as criminal records, drug history, employment verification, and other such things, then you’re not likely to hire someone who is worthy of your company and the position you’re offering. Background searches not only ensure that you’re hiring the right type of employee, but that your other employees, your customers, and the business itself remain safe from those with questionable backgrounds or those using falsehoods to land the job.

Perhaps the problem isn’t the job description itself – it’s where you’re actually posting the available positions. If the job you’re hiring for is specific to any industry, then you may want to select an online location that is geared toward that industry or at least one that provides an accurate category for you to utilize.

Pay Attention to Social Media…But Do So Carefully

Social media is a double-edged sword when it comes to a company’s hiring practices. First, you must remember that you cannot use an applicant’s social media accounts or posts against them. However, you can utilize social media to expand your search for qualified candidates. So, make sure that your social media accounts are properly targeting new hires as needed for the new year.

You simply can’t have effective hiring practices without the inclusion of background checks for all new hires. Whether you’re looking for criminal records, employment verification, drug testing, or another similar type of search, the professionals at NationSearch can help you accomplish your goals.